We are pleased to offer you downloadable copies of each track of the score for The Surprise, accompanied by a downloadable copy of the corresponding sheet music, and in-depth commentary by composer Corinne Tatiana Nordmann. The score was recorded in Hamburg, Germany with recording engineer Phillip Schultz. The soundtrack was produced by Phillip Schultz and Corinne Tatiana Nordmann and features Hannah Weber on cello and Corinne Tatiana Nordmann on piano.

 Song NameTimeMP3 Audio
1Titles + Bed2:03Soundtrack Track 1
2Breakfast0:49Soundtrack Track 2
3Doctor0:41Soundtrack Track 3
4Lunch0:47Soundtrack Track 4
5End of Lunch + Past2:25Soundtrack Track 5
6Office1:43Soundtrack Track 6
7Clinic1:23Soundtrack Track 7
8Homecoming + Credits3:06Soundtrack Track 8
 File NamePDF File
 Sheet MusicSheet Music

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