Script Draft 8.1

Welcome to the script section of The Surprise website. Draft 8.1 of The Surprise is the last in a long line of blood, sweat, and tears (truly, it was the last in a long line of pink, blue, and yellow pages). This was the last iteration of the script before shooting began. 8.1 includes scene numbers, and has the conventional asterisks (*) in the margins to indicate lines which have been revised from the previous draft.

File NamePDF File
The Surprise Script Draft 8.1Draft 8.1 of the Script

Please feel free to use the script to workshop scenes, practice script lining and breakdowns, or compare against the previous draft that appears as the lined script in the Schedule section. Please remember, however, that the work is copyrighted and is its inclusion here is intended for educational (non-commercial) use. As always, if you have any questions or comments, they are welcome at comments (at)


On her thirtieth birthday, a newly discovered pregnancy and an increasingly disappointing marriage send Katie Miller into a tailspin. At a time in her life when assurances should outnumber surprises, Katie is left with a struggle only she can resolve.