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Short Synopsis

SynopsisOn her thirtieth birthday, a newly discovered pregnancy and an increasingly disappointing marriage send Katie Miller into a tailspin. When surprises outnumber assurances, Katie is left with a struggle only she can resolve.

Short Treatment

Katie Miller awakes on the morning of her thirtieth birthday alone; her husband, Jack, is already up. For months now the couple, once defined by their idyllic relationship, have been experiencing the kinds of problems that almost everyone must face at one time or another. They have begun to drift apart, becoming more engrossed in their separate lives.

Katie, however, does not know how far apart they’ve truly drifted until Jack, who’d always adored such celebrations, forgets her birthday. And Katie, who’d only ever wanted a happy family, is crushed.

When, at a doctor’s appointment scheduled later the same day, her birthday, she learns that she is pregnant, she loses the luxury of self-pity. The doctor, seeing her upset, brings up the possibility of abortion, but it is when Jack refuses to take her call that she really starts to take the suggestion seriously.

She meets her best friend for lunch, but she can’t lead her normal life with this question in the air. She searches for some kind of clarity, for some way to reason her way through an impossible choice, and all she can find are the memories of how perfect things once were. Again, she reaches out to her husband, but he is not there for her; he is not at his office; he is nowhere to be found.

On her own, abandoned, she goes to the abortion clinic. The doctor is willing to see her, and the point of no return has arrived.

Later, she returns to a dark house, and as she walks in the door, she is surprised by a birthday party for her in her living room. Her husband embraces her and assures her that he loves her, but all she can do in return is reveal that there is something important they have to discuss.